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If you need drugs – you need help

When you work with Realitäten Bureau you benefit from our long-standing experience in addiction counselling, our intercultural competence, and our international project experience

Our Know-how in development cooperation:
For many years we have advised projects and organisations with the construction of drug helping services and structures – in particular at the interface to HIV/AIDS prevention and public security.

Today developing countries bear the main burden of the drug problem. About 80% of all drug users live in developing countries. The social expenses of drug abuse and drug addiction are dramatic: they come with a decline of productivity, the destruction of family and social structures, increase of criminality and violence, the spread of HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, and last not least the congestion of health systems.

In this often conflictive area Realitäten Bureau supports development projects, technical networks, but also institutions and organisations. A special focus lies on the integrated local approach which enables all actors to develop local strategies, action plans and networks of services together. To introduce and support this approach our training workshop „Developing integrated local drug policies” was successfully held in various settings and countries. Another important topic is the development of services for women who use drugs.

Addiction counselling in the workplace:
We offer companies an addition to the spectrum of addiction counselling: Unlike conventional addiction counselling or services we also take action if the employer of an affected person wishes so.

Realitäten Bureau holds information workshops and events on the issue but also provides individual case consultation and management: We analyze the situation of affected persons and develop individual agreements on objectives for the solution of the problem. In addition, we motivate affected persons to seek treatment and support them in moving on to further help. Our aim is to develop the best solution – both for your company and the affected employee.

Topic: international drug policy

We advise projects and organisations in the development of service networks and informing inter-disciplinary co-operations.

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addiction in the workplace

Our experienced addiction counsellors offer you full-service packages which are developed and handled by a case manager. Based upon an in-depth personal consultation and assessment we will draw up an individual agreement on objectives and a time frame with our clients.

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Individual consultations

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