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If the employee of a company has an addiction problem, the company has a problem

Addiction in the workplace may result in a loss of qualified and productive employees, a loss of continuity and quality - and, in the end, less profit.

Nobody develops an addiction over night.                                                                                       The borders between pleasure, misuse and addiction are fluent.
But: if you need drugs, you need help.

Many companies today know that early intervention may prevent the lapse of the affected persons and the damage of the enterprise. They invest in the future of the individual and the company. In this, a skilled and reliable partner is needed.

Realitäten Bureau complements the spectrum of addiction counselling: unlike conventional counselling or helping services we also intervene if the employer of an affected person asks us to.

We help you to get a realistic risk assessment. Together with you we will develop an individual agreement on objectives for the management of your problem. We motivate the affected person to enter into appropriate treatment. It is our aim to find the best solution for your company and for the affected client.

At Realitäten Bureau you will find a flexible and professional partner to inform, advise and accompany you.


How to handle addiction in the workplace?

articles by Susanne Schardt

Susanne Schardt has published numerous articles on the topic of handling addictions in the workplace in professional journals. Topics include also burnout and workaholism.

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