Realitaeten-Bureau Conflict

Different opinions and ideas add
spice to any team

Where people work together, the differences of opinion may evolve which cannot always be solved immediately

Not every difference of opinion is already a conflict. But if different views, different intentions and demands collide destructively, they may put an enormous strain on the working climate.

The problem: conflicts are rarely addressed openly. Most people do no longer speak with each other but merely about each other – and the conflict continues to smolder unrecognized.

We want understanding to develop before conflict. Also here we link individual organisational development and training: In seminars, coaching sessions and intercultural trainings we prepare for instance staff members who are about to work abroad with the cultural frames of reference in the country they will work in.

And if things should not run so smoothly any more, Realitäten Bureau offers your team sound solutions at the interface between practice and science.


Realitäten Bureau

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