Realitaeten-Bureau Conflict

"Ein Fremder hat immer seine Heimat im Arm"

(Nelly Sachs)

Whether multinational middle class enterprises or global player - intercultural competence becomes more and more important for all business

Success is not least based on the understanding of the different cultural backgrounds of employees and business partners. Today, international teams are part of the everyday reality in many enterprises and organisations. This is where tensions rooted in cultural misunderstandings often originate. We are not born with intercultural competences - but we can learn and train them.

Discover the potential of intercultural dialogue!

If we want to work successfully with people from other cultural backgrounds, linguistic proficiency and rules of etiquette are not enough. The knowledge of contents, meanings and cultural frames of reference are increasingly important for profound professional competence.

Learn to orientate yourself in new cultural dimensions and to look behind the facades. Knowing about the specific features of your own and other cultures, common understanding evolves from a mutual consciousness of differences.

We offer you concepts and methods that may help you to avoid and manage conflicts and to value the different cultural potentials of your employees. In the interface between practise and science we offer individual and sound solutions. We want understanding to develop before conflict.


Realitäten Bureau

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